• Image of Slow Boat

Debut album released in 2012.


Tone Madison:

“Nick Brown’s first album begins with the somber, arresting ‘Living That Way’ and proceeds to resourcefully bounce in all manner of directions, all the while retaining sparse, dignified arrangements. Brown plays with classic-country tropes on “Light Beer And Heavy Hearts,” goes on a smart-assed journey of disappointment on “Factory Farms,” takes a jaunty gambling trip to Canada on “Hold On Windsor.” Though this naturally makes for a slightly uneven experience, it’s also one of rewarding surprises, and one of the best singer-songwriter records a local artist has released in recent years.”

77 Square:

“Sonically… numbers like the country & western swingers ‘Play That Song,’ sound decades older, coming across like recordings put to tape at Memphis’ famed Sun Studio back in the 1950s.”

The Cap Times:

CT: What’s your favorite cover song to play (if you don’t do covers … why not)?

NB: We don't do covers. We focus exclusively on inferior versions of our own songs.